About me

I blog because I find that it helps me to be motivated when I share what I am doing with other people. This blog in particular started because I wanted to be able to turn what was just a hobby, into something that I could make money out of. That hobby being art.

I haven't really achieved that, but I am still working on it and you can see how it's all going here on the blog.

I live in Sydney, Australia, grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, have lived in Taibei, Taiwan and I pretty much love most things.  At the moment my family is me, Kyle my husband and Gabriel our son. They are both awesome.

For me, art (and life) is all about moments. Not hugely momentous in the grand scheme of things, perhaps, but certainly important to those individuals who are touched by them.

Conversations that cling to your mind years after the people you had them with have passed out of your life, a particularly striking storm, swatting away hordes of flies while searching for opals and only finding two little specks.

Reading science fiction aloud while driving through Dubbo.

Walking to school through frost encrusted grass.

The feeling of calm and peace when I woke up early on my wedding day.

The first time I had a dream in Chinese and understood it all, after all the study and struggle of trying to
communicate in a foreign language.

Lengthy discussions about the visibility of a new moon.

The day that it rained on and off and rainbows stalked me around Danshui.

Riding on the scooter with Gabe squished between us.

Things entirely unique to my life.

Whatever the setting, whatever the medium, my art is all about those moments. Tiny stories heavy with significance to ... someone. The people in the picture, me, you, someone.